Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Clip from the Film!

This clip features Alice Baumgartner. As a student at the Latin School of Chicago, Alice helped found a student activist group dedicated to raising money and awareness about the situation in Darfur. After seeing the documentary, Born into Brothels, Alice got the idea to send cameras to kids living in Darfur and Chad to not only document the lives of people in the conflict, but to do so from the perspective of the children. With the help of MTVu, her group sent 25 disposable cameras with three student correspondents from MTV. Much to her surprise, Alice received 23 cameras back with pictures taken by kids in a refugee camp in Chad.

The pictures are a very personal look at life in a refugee camp---but they aren't your typical pictures. They are pictures taken by children of children. We do not know their names. And we will never know what became of those captured with their cameras.

In this clip, Alice discusses her passion for the cause and we see some of those pictures. Also featured in the clip is music by Tom Flannery. It is a song written for the film entitled, "For Brian Burns."

Currently, Alice is a freshman at Yale University.

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